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Testimonies from previous parents

"My daughter has spent two years at the Ark and she has been enjoying her time.  She always comes back with stories, names and lovely things to say.  The staff have only been amazing, friendly and caring and when my younger one will start next year, I know he will be looked after well and he will learn as much as my daughter did.  The Ark is a lovely place with amazing staff ."

"We just wanted to say thank you.  You have made our son's time at nursery so special.  You are always so kind and can't say how grateful we are to you for helping him so much. You have become a huge part in his life and one of his favourite people.  It's not easy to leave our baby but you made it possible. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher" July 2021

"We are glad we chose the Ark Preschool for our son.  The relationship he has developed with all the staff members especially with his keyworker over the last couple of years is remarkable.  We cannot recommend you enough to our friends!  Our son is really excited to start school this year but a part of him wants to go to The Ark preschool and never leave.  His personality has evolved so much and we only have you to thank.  It has been a pleasure to see the smiling staff every day.  Keep up your great work!"

"I would like to say a big thank you for all you help over the past year.  I have seen how much my child has improved with the help of teachers.  When he started I did not believe how far he would come and I would like to thank not only his key worker and one to one but all the teachers and experts who worked with him directly but also people who organised phone calls and meetings." July 2021

Thank you for everything you have done for my son, he has got so much confidence since he started last September and that is down to his key worker and support staff.  You have really helped my son, husband and me in getting him ready for school.  He has really enjoyed being at nursery and that is because of you making him feel safe and not anxious being away from Mummy and Daddy.  He is really going to miss you.  Again thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. July 2019

I can see that my child has been loved, understood and held.  I know he will thrive at school because of the work you have done with him.  I will always be grateful for the seeds you've sown in my little man. July 2019

I am writing to let you know how good I feel about the decision we made to continue my son in Ark Pre School. Really happy to see my son learning so quickly in the following:

  • Attempting to eat food by himself

  • Accent improved a lot

  • Making friends and good with          sharing

  • Tidying up his toys at home

  • Following instructions and able to speak in English at home.

We are happy to have him continue until his reception in the same pre-school and would advise any of our friends/colleagues the same. Oct 2019

What the Children Say ....


"I love all of the teachers and all of the children"

"cos I like it"



 "I like the tent in the back room"            "I always want to go in the rainbow house"    
            "Bikes"         "The big baby doll is the best"      
       " I like playing outside"     "I like the slide"         "puzzle table"
                      "I like playing with dinosaurs"            "happy"      "brilliant"
                             "painting and sand and play dough"               
             "I like being Spiderman and Batman and Superman"  
            "playing with friends"    "Look at this book !" (rocket book)  
                                   "It's fun !"                "I like Snack !"

July 2020

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